It Isn’t Writers’ Block

I haven’t been able to actually write in days. In fact, my last blog post was a week ago, while I aimed to post about once a day… Moving out has been a pretty stressful experience and I am still adjusted to it. What’s even worse, I’ll be going on vacation in a week, and my laptop’s battery is horrible… No writing in the car, and probably not on the destination either. Still, I feel that Camp NaNoWriMo has been very helpful in the last couple of days. Sure, there may have been way too many guests taking up my time, but whenever I found some, I would start writing again. My second story is almost done – only two chapters left. Then, I’ll be able to start my actual Camp NaNo project.
The thing about writers’ block is that it can have many causes. Being too busy or stressed out is one of them. However, that doesn’t mean we should let it get to us. In order to advance a project, it is important to keep working on it, no matter what. Otherwise you could end up with a case of lost mojo. Now, the question is: how do you get over it?
Firstly, set a daily goal to achieve. It doesn’t need to be impossible. Even a hundred words a day is something. As long as you progress, it works. This is why joining programms like NaNoWriMo is so useful; it forces the writer to achieve the goal – or else they fail. Failing is a bad feeling, which we all try to avoid. Therefore, we start writing if we feel we really need to. It may not feel like a creative process, but it is. Sometimes the brain just needs to be forced into thinking.
Secondly, also allow yourself to do something that isn’t about writing. Watch some television, go on a hike, work out… It doesn’t matter what it is, but clearing the brain is the other side of the coin. People who aren’t stressed out are able to think more easily. Relax! What’s even better, other activities can help you come up with new ideas.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish my project today. I wish good luck to all of you who decided to join Camp NaNo as well!

2 thoughts on “It Isn’t Writers’ Block

  1. Sometimes writers put unrealistic expectations on the amount of words they can type out. in a day There are days when I write way more than others. There are scenes that take me forever to write, and rewrite, and write again. And then there are times when I don’t write, but I’m stoking my creativity by watching movies, and shows, and reading amazing books, and just going about the business of life. What’s important that you keep going. Thanks for the post.

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