The Last Chapter & Statistics

I finished the last chapter of the series’ first book today. It may not be perfect yet and I may have to rewrite it another thousand times, but for now it is done. In my opinion, the last chapter always is the hardest to write. That is when the enthusiasm starts to fade, as all of the interesting and adventurous parts are over and all that is left is finishing up the manuscript. No one has died, the characters are stuck with memory loss and the village is safe again.

Although I spent some hours a day on writing this, it never really felt like a chore. For me, that is why children’s books are so much fun. They can be exciting and adventurous and the story never really has to come to a halt.


I think it is time for some statistics!

Starting date: May 7th

Finishing date: May 31st

Word count: 19761

Character count: 84688

Number of chapters: 18

Average chapter word count: 1098

Shortest chapter: 591 words

Longest chapter: 1745 words

Flesh-Kincaid grade level (according to Word): 2,2


Now, when I was writing this, I was aiming at an eight year old audience, looking at the Goosebumps statistics to see what would be a nice word count to aim for. However, now I’m starting to doubt those numbers. The story might be too long. Still, I do not think I can cut anything out. I’m just going to keep on writing, and then we’ll see how this turns out.

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